Why is No One Talking About the Perks of the FaceTime Bug?


Why is No One Talking About the Perks of the FaceTime Bug?

Illustration: Akshita Monga


hen you’re stuck dealing with the indignities of an off-brand Android, it can be hard to feel sorry for the iPhone crowd. When they try and send you forwards on iMessage instead of WhatsApp, or ask why you can’t just download the Backstreet Boys’ new album on Apple Music, it’s clear that these modern-day Marie Antoinette-lites are living in their own world.

Which is why, exclusively for those with iPhones and Macbooks, today has been somewhat alarming. Group FaceTime — essentially iOS’s version of a Skype conference call — allows multiple iPeople to videochat each other on their chosen iProduct, presumably to discuss which Genius bars serve the best caviar. The feature was introduced last October when iOS 12.1 finally dropped. But now, elite tech users all over the world will be forced to call each other one by one, reducing their efficiency by a good 5 per cent, because Apple has disabled the Group FaceTime feature after discovering a security bug.