The Road to Zen is Via Mumbai’s Potholed Streets


The Road to Zen is Via Mumbai’s Potholed Streets

Illustration: Ahmed Sikander


n Mumbai, distance isn’t measured in metres and kilometres, it is measured in minutes and hours. Because commuting in Mumbai is like entering a black hole, where covering two kilometres can take two hours. Most parts of the city are dug up and those which are not, are riddled with potholes. If you reach your destination safely with just a backache, consider it a victory.

If Bear Grylls hosted a show on Mumbai it would be titled Man vs BMC. Traffic jams, water-logged roads, honking motorists seem like torture, but it soon becomes a way of life. You get accustomed to the idea of sitting in rickshaws for hours and watch the meter move faster than Chris Gayle’s strike rate in T20 cricket, and this gives you plenty of time to observe life around you and derive lessons from it.