The Great Olympic Laughter Challenge


The Great Olympic Laughter Challenge

Illustration: Saachi Mehta/ Arré


ow that the Olympic Games are behind us, and athletes’ accomplishments have sufficiently been feted in over-the-top, emotional Facebook tributes, it’s the turn of the real winners, the unsung heroes of the Games. These athletes may or may not have won any medals, but have uplifted our souls with the kind of entertainment that is usually reserved for a post-2 am broadcast on Indian Comedy Central. For this reason, we created our own internal committee to judge Olympians on several parameters including comic timing, weirdness of predicament, and number of listicles mentioned in. The winners are awarded for displaying the perfect balance between all parameters. After three days of intense deliberation, we are ready to announce the much-awaited results.

But first, the categories:
1) “Strike a Pose”: Named after world famous jumping champion Madonna, seeks to award those who have made an exemplary contribution to the world of internet memes.
2) “Love in the Air”: Seeks to felicitate athletes who enjoy competing in the Olympics as much as they do their time with BAEs.
3) “Juicy Controversy”: Our most scandalous category, the award for which was presented by Rakhi Sawant.
4) “Is this Really Happening?”: Featuring Olympic events that could only have been thought of during several intensely creative, binge-drinking sessions.
5) “WT(actual)F?”: Our final category, is reserved for contestants so outrageously entertaining, we had to insert an extra word into WTF.