The BMC and Mumbai Police are Absolutely Killing it With Their Narcos and Money Heist Memes


The BMC and Mumbai Police are Absolutely Killing it With Their Narcos and Money Heist Memes

The nationwide lockdown to fight the coronavirus has been extended from April 14 to May 3. This means, for those city folk who have remained indoors, their tryst with their TV screens just got a new lease of life. With most social activities called off, people have had to turn to their favourite shows for entertainment and a way to pass the time. In the city of Mumbai, the BMC and Mumbai Police have caught on to this fact, and are trying to speak to the citizens in their own language, leading to a batch of memes that turn popular serials, movies, and TV shows into public safety announcements.

BMC used Union minister Smriti Irani’s appearance from the time when she played Tulsi Virani on the daily soap Kyuunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, except with a twist. Some clever video reversal turned Tulsi’s act of welcoming guests into the home into a how-to guide on keeping guests out during a time of social distancing.

It wasn’t just Hindi serials that BMC was mining for content. They even turned to the highest-rated TV show of all time, Breaking Bad, for some quarantine-themed humour. If Heisenberg’s “I am the one who knocks” line gave you the chills, the BMC’s version will leave you with a smile.

Another popular show to be converted by BMC into a PSA was Narcos. However, not every Mumbaikar has a mansion as opulent as Pablo Escobar’s where they can sit around and mope.

Not to be left behind, Mumbai’s police force has also been getting in on the action on Twitter. Their meme from the cult favourite family sitcom Sarabhai vs Sarabhai would speak volumes to anybody stuck in a house with their relatives for an extended period of time.

A massively popular show right now, Money Heist is on most people’s list of Netflix series they want to watch. So naturally, Mumbai Police could not miss the opportunity for a timely tweet involving The Professor.

In order to drive home the point of how important it is to wear masks, Mumbai Police dug out a scene from Main Hoon Na. While the film is a light-hearted comedy from 2004, a scene involving a character spraying as much saliva as Professor Rasai would be more at home in a horror movie in 2020.

Until May 4 (and hopefully no later), these characters are going to be replacing our friends and acquaintances. This wealth of TV-driven memes shows how clearly BMC and Mumbai Police know their audience.