Why I Want to Live in the Land Of Stranger Things


Why I Want to Live in the Land Of Stranger Things

Illustration: Akshita Monga


hen I was younger, I wished that I could get into a “Famous Five” book for a couple of weeks and be that Indian friend the gang always wished they had. To maintain the alliteration, the series would have to be renamed “Sexy Six”, but that’s not the point of the anecdote. The point is that no matter how polite everyone seemed, the Enid Blyton universe had its fair share of problems. Mainly the fact that they were from a time when it was considered perfectly normal to be a racist prick. I would have probably been at the receiving end of a hate crime in a corner of Kirrin Island while the gang was out solving its mysteries.

So I no longer want to be in the “Famous Five” universe. Where I do want to go is the Stranger Things land – Upside Down, Mindflayer/Demogorgon, and all. This universe is different from our world in many ways, one of them being the existence of monsters, but mainly because everyone is so kind to each other.