Arré Checklist: What Your Sutta Says About You


Arré Checklist: What Your Sutta Says About You

Illustration: Palak Bansal/Arré


s far as blind faith is concerned, there are religious fanatics, and then there are political party worshippers. But above them all are smokers loyal to their brand of cigarettes. It’s easier to get an Uber in Mumbai in the middle of a cyclone-scare than it is to convince your Gudang-enthusiast friend to smoke regular cigarettes.

Over the last century or so, the availability of mass-produced cigarettes have unknowingly given rise to blood-thirsty mobs of brand-loyal smokers, waiting to take you down a peg for criticising their chosen means of slow death. Whether you’re a Lokhandwala chhapri or an overtly pretentious US-return, there’s a preferred brand of cigarette for each archetype in urban India. Here’s a look at some of them:-