Sita Spends Her Dussehra Break In Lanka


Sita Spends Her Dussehra Break In Lanka

Illustration: Akshita Monga


t wasn’t easy convincing my husband Ram to plan a vacation in Lanka. Phew, men, amirite?! But the long Dussehra weekend was just perfect for a break. I had to show him pictures of sunny beaches, women on these beaches, serene hills, stunning landscapes, etc. I mean, sure, his last visit there was not pleasant. The poor guy had to do a walkathon all the way to Lanka, get a bridge built by an army of monkeys to cross the sea, and engage in a fierce battle with the king who had kidnapped his wife.

Strangely I don’t have any ill-will toward that 10-headed chap, Ravana. The guy understood the concept of consent even when it wasn’t fashionable. The man had strange tastes though. Wore too much gold and didn’t even bother to trim his nose hair.