Is Robert Vadra the Husband of the Election Season?


Is Robert Vadra the Husband of the Election Season?

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


ave you made your plans for Valentine’s Day yet? Or are you one of those people who consider themselves above such blatantly consumerist, made-up holidays, classifying V-Day as the cultural equivalent of junk food? Really, it doesn’t matter if you see February 14 as a special day for romance, a waste of time, or an employment opportunity for the Bajrang Dal, because Robert Vadra has won Valentine’s Day even before it arrives.

As Vadra’s wife Priyanka Gandhi prepares to enter the slugfest that is Indian politics (presumably while listening to “Eye of the Tiger” on her headphones), Vadra is ready to become the proverbial supportive man who stands behind every successful woman. And to wish her luck as P, as he calls her, embarks on this voyage, he posted an update on social media that was so mushy, Cupid decided to advance Valentine’s Day by two days just so Vadra’s message didn’t give the internet diabetes with how sweet it was.