Ram Statue Effect: Parents Want Children to Give Up Medicine, Take Up Memorial Building


Ram Statue Effect: Parents Want Children to Give Up Medicine, Take Up Memorial Building

Illustration: Ahmed Sikander

With the inauguration of the Statue of Unity a few weeks ago, and a 70-foot-tall Buddha statue in Bihar yesterday, India is heading toward becoming the world’s foremost statue-based economy. Impressive projects like the Shivaji statue in Maharashtra, the Ram statue in UP, and Cauvery statue in Karnataka are all in the pipeline, creating, for the first time since 2014, an abundance of jobs. With this, the BJP is close to achieving its stated goal of creating jobs and vikas for India.

Aside from a boost to the construction business, the statues are giving rise to parallel economies. There is demand for talents whose sole purpose is climbing statues to take selfies or write love messages. Parents of students who failed to get into medicine or engineering are looking toward these newly launched statue-based courses with great hope. Sources in the government strongly believe that these statue-related activities will help India become a five trillion-dollar economy soon.

“To achieve our revenue goals, initiatives like the ones being run by UP or Maharashtra state governments aren’t enough,” said a NITI Aayog official who did not want to be named. “We must pivot from our last four years of pakora-based employment towards statue-based employment, which won’t be easy,” added the official.

To help the masses shutter their pakora stalls and move in to the statue business, the government is working with institutions like IITs, NITs, and other institutes of prominence like Jio Institute, to close the gap between supply and demand when it comes to statue engineering.

While giving us a glimpse on a series of reforms planned for this newly created sector, a senior minister of the finance ministry said, “Recently, we directed bank officials to sanction loans for small businesses before they finished their tea. We will ask them to do it even faster for businesses linked to statue economy. The 59-minute loan is so last month; now we offer 59-second loans.”

In the name of research and development, Incredible India ran a survey among NRIs and foreign tourists. They are all bored of the Taj Mahal, the only internationally renowned landmark in the country. A UP minister declared, “That’s when we realised just changing its name won’t be sufficient. We have to do lot more. Prince Harry told us that he will visit India every month along with Princess Meghan if we can have some new monuments for them to visit.”

When we asked what the tentative dates for completion of these huge projects were, the minister said, “2022, obviously. We have been categorically told that acche din cannot arrive until the end of that year.”