Hello BMC Friends, Western Railways Se Kuch Seekh Lo


Hello BMC Friends, Western Railways Se Kuch Seekh Lo

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


umbaikars, it’s that time of the year again when we make the residents of Venice feel insecure. Rains last longer than the promises made by our politicians, we run out of places to dry clothes, Tata Sky starts predicting the weather, and road travel feels like an Essel World ride. Life starts to revolve around travel – minus the #wanderlust – as your boss expects you to show up to work, regardless of whether you live in Andheri or the Amazon.

As it started pouring heavily from Sunday night well into Monday morning, office WhatsApp groups started buzzing with queries about whether trains were functional. Much to the sadness of me and my colleagues, the replies from all quarters of the city, through the hours, were the same – trains were on time. Maybe 10-odd minutes late, but still adhering to Indian Stretchable Time. And still ferrying millions of Mumbaikars through the deluge. It seemed as unbelievable a feat as Russia knocking Spain out in the World Cup.