PM Hosts “Temple Delay Par Charcha” For Stressed-Out Kar Sevaks


PM Hosts “Temple Delay Par Charcha” For Stressed-Out Kar Sevaks

Illustration: Ahmed Sikander

The Supreme Court hearing on the Ram Temple case has been deferred again – this time after it was discovered that one of the judges had secretly gone on leave. Hours after the announcement, dozens of upset Kar Sevaks and temple enthusiasts, who have been eagerly awaiting a verdict on the disputed land, began protesting at the grounds.

“First the Supreme Court postponed the judgment to January,” began Rammohan Gupta, a kar sevak from Prayagraj. “Now what? One day a judge recuses himself from hearing the case, the next day another bench is formed. When will they stop making benches and start making temples, we want to know!”

“What am I supposed to tell voters now?” said another leader who was hoping to pass this year’s Lok Sabha exam by raising the Ram Temple issue again. “Logon ko kaam nahin dikhta hai, lekin mandir sab ko dikhega.”

A source in the BJP said the Prime Minister, who wrapped up his Pariksha Par Charcha 2.0 this morning, has travelled to another event to lift the moods of the protesting Kar Sevaks. Titled “Shri Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji’s Temple Delay Par Charcha”, the event featured a panel of some of the finest people who never make it to places on time, as well as notes from the PM himself on how to deal with delays.

The first to speak was a youth from Punjab named Sunny, who had a message for the Prime Minister. “Modi Ji, tareekh pe tareekh mili, par humme insaaf nahin mila,” he said, banging his fists on the ground dramatically.

“Aap PUBG wale ho kya?” the Prime Minister retorted with a pre-recorded laughter track. “Full-time game mein busy rehte ho? The Supreme Court has not given a date for the next hearing, tareekh kahan se aa gayi? Do read some news portals,” he added, as the crowd cheered and applauded. “Acche din zaroor aayenge,” one Kar Sevak was overheard saying with tears in his eyes.

Once the Kar Sevaks were pacified with promises that they would never again be offered jobs before temples, it was time for the Prime Minister’s closing thoughts. “Don’t worry mitron,” he said. “Listen to my next Mann Ki Baat and everything will be clear.”