“Modi Ji to Remain PM for 10 years”: Fadnavis. Air India Says Will Come Out of Bankruptcy


“Modi Ji to Remain PM for 10 years”: Fadnavis. Air India Says Will Come Out of Bankruptcy

Illustration: Ahmed Sikander

Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis has dashed the hopes of Advani ji as well as other PM contenders in his party. While answering a question from actor Riteish Deshmukh at an event, he said the best case scenario for a Maharashtrian to be PM will be in the summer of 2029.

Though it is burre din for many senior BJP leaders who would be over 75 years by then, this announcement comes as a big positive for a bankrupt PSU like Air India.

“If PM Modi continues to use our Maharaja flights for international trips as well as election campaigns for the next ten years, like he has done in the last five, we will sureshot be profitable,” said RC Mishra, director of Air India. “In fact we will have so much cash surplus by then, we will be able to return all the bailout packages governments have given us over the years using taxpayers’ money.”

However Mr Mishra has a word of caution. “The amount of frequent flyer points Modi ji has accumulated in the last five years, if he were to use them, he can take a round trip of the entire world twice. But we know the Prime Minister cares about us. He will never do something that will push us toward becoming another Kingfisher.”

It’s not only Air India, PMO travel agent PK Dubey is ecstatic with the news. “I was no one in 2014. Today I have a big house, a few luxury cars, all thanks to Mr Modi’s interest in working from abroad,” said Mr Dubey.

Mr Dubey, who is planning to send both his kids to foreign universities said, “After me and my wife take a selfie with our kids wearing convocation hats, we will send those pictures to PM Modi. We will always remain deeply indebted to him.”

But people like Aditya Verma (who supplies milk and groceries to the Prime Minister’s residence) are not happy with his frequent absence from his Delhi residence. “The chief caretaker of the residence called me yesterday, asking me to not deliver anything today as the Prime Minister has gone to South Korea. I told him, ‘Bhai, this business model is not going to work. No vendor will be ready to do business where he has to supply at best for five days a month. It’s better you order from Big Basket whenever the PM stays here,” said Mr Verma.