Person of the Week: The Tweeple


Person of the Week: The Tweeple

Illustration: Juergen Dsouza


n a week that saw a Game of Thones-like battle for Tamil Nadu chief minister, a prime minister take on a former prime minister with a “raincoat” jab, and a Yoga guru’s company release the most regressive ad we’ve seen in a long time, there was no dearth of things to talk about. Most conversations at that point revolved around the general idea that Indian people, both online and offline, have lost the plot. By the end of the week, in case there were any doubts left, along came Twitter user Namrata Datta, with the worst/best tweet to have ever hit the scene apparently.

Datta did what some people may consider to be a bad thing. She stole something called a “scribbled story” off social media network Facebook and posted it on social media network Twitter. She appeared to take credit for a while before clarifying that she had reposted the story, and immediately after, became the most popular Indian on the internet for a whole day.