I Love Being Overweight… While Travelling


I Love Being Overweight… While Travelling

Illustration: Arati Gujar


very time I have to travel, I know I am in for a week of sweat-inducing nightmares. About a week before the D-day, I am woken up from sleep every night, tormented by dreams where I realise that I have forgotten to carry an intrinsic part of my wardrobe for the vacation.

Some nights, it’s that cute dress I’d mentally designed a whole look and evening around. On others, it’s my favourite pair of shorts. In the the most terrifying of scenarios, it’s underwear that’s missing from my imaginary suitcase. Naturally, during this week, I don’t need an alarm clock as I’m magically jolted awake — nursing a peculiar feeling of anxiety tinged with relief — hours before I’m supposed to wake up anyway.