Oscar & Filmfare: The Greatest Love Story Never Told


Oscar & Filmfare: The Greatest Love Story Never Told

Illustration: Akshita Monga


he story of the steamy affair between Oscar and the Black Lady began years ago, when Oscar visited India as part of Leonardo DiCaprio’s entourage. Back then, slum tourism was the rage and Oscar came all the way to India to give back what was left behind by Danny Boyle – Anil Kapoor.

As with any visiting Hollywood star, there was a grand party thrown at Shah Rukh Khan’s house. It was there that Oscar was wowed by the ebony-skinned beauty, silently sipping champagne, sitting between Kajol and Rekha. Rumour mills went into overdrive as paparazzi photos of Oscar and Filmfare burning the dance floor at Mannat were splashed across tabloids. After all, both have had long, illustrious careers, and their coming together was big news for an industry that has been writing about Amitabh and Rekha for 30 years now.