The Anatomy of Every Office Conference Call


The Anatomy of Every Office Conference Call

Illustration: Arati Gujar


efore we had office WhatsApp groups, there used to be the meeting.  Everything from the quality of the toilet paper in the women’s restroom, to the process of booking conference room for meetings, required a meeting.  Meetings and trainings are the PT period of the corporate world – they give you a break from the routine and help you kill some time.

Thankfully, we’ve now progressed to a point where only if the matter to be discussed is important, urgent, and confidential – for instance, who raided the office liquor cabinet? –  it warrants a physical meeting. If it involves a discussion on whether liquor should be served at the next off-site, with a largely young group who can figure out how to turn on the webcam, then a Skype call is enough to get the job done. But if a few of those involved in the discussion, are above 35 and the subject to be discussed does not involve the excitement of alcohol or the mystery of theft, then it is time for what that most office-goers dread today… a conference call.