Neo-Spirituality and the Chi of Common Sense


Neo-Spirituality and the Chi of Common Sense

Illustration: Akshita Monga


ve decided to become spiritual. This spirituality is a good gig. It should have been around when we were kids. In those days everyone was so busy trying to cope bravely with hunger, disease, famine, and with phones that couldn’t even shoot a video, that no one thought to invent spirituality. In those dark days, there was only religion which was private between you, your God, and a pandit/ priest/maulvi, who made up in volume what he lacked in mellifluousness and actual human kindness.

Today, thankfully, we live in the era of Brad Pitt’s face and that wonderful sanctuary called New-Age Spirituality and life looks brilliant. There are so many reasons to love New-Age Spirituality – and not just because it allows you to smoke some weed and be pious at the same time. It’s also way easier than old-fashioned religion, where the rules you had to adhere to, could sometimes clash terribly with your own ideas of common sense and cool. But with New-Age Spirituality, you are definitely too cool for rules (often you’re also too cool for common sense, but hey, that’s a small price to pay).