Inside PM’s Secret Lab of Seaplanes and Shelfies


Inside PM’s Secret Lab of Seaplanes and Shelfies

Illustration: Akshita Monga / Arré


eep below the Prime Minister’s Office in Delhi, it has emerged, lies a labyrinth of underground tunnels full of horrors and old currency notes. Tucked neatly in a corner lies a room marked, “For Mitron & Family Only”. The contents of this room have forever been one of the country’s biggest unsolved mysteries, second only to, “Does Virushka love me as much as I love them?” The last person to have gone looking for the room reportedly lost his way in a field of stolen terracotta statues.

Yesterday Prime Minister Narendra Modi flew onto the Sabarmati river on a seaplane, a contraption that both flies and is a boat, something out of Duck Tales, which is therefore pretty fucking cool. In the process he hinted at what was behind that door. One panel of political experts dropped whatever it was talking about and commented that the room was a “lair” where dangerous weapons were being developed to fight Pakistan and other anti-nationals. Another panel dropped whatever it was talking about and claimed it was a place where formulae for bullet trains, and innovative ways to keep Bharat swachh were developed. One news channel went so far as to walk into the room armed with 20 cameramen, the expert debater Arnab Goswami, and “the facts” to tell us what was actually going on.