Why You Must Leave Chetan Bhagat Alone


Why You Must Leave Chetan Bhagat Alone

Illustration: Mudit Ganguly


hetan Bhagat, modern literary hero and self-styled technocrat, has that quality that makes you want to throw stuff at him. For no rational reason. I saw him at a bar in Colaba once, in the pre-Twitter days. He was impeccably polite and friendly with all the strangers who were approaching him for a casual chat. I wanted to chuck my peanuts at him. I didn’t though.

His role in pop-culture hierarchy has, since the days of Five Point Someone, mostly been that of a goofy little distraction, of someone who’s overeager to make a point even when he has none, so you shake your head and laugh it off. But it’s grown into something more sinister of late, partly thanks to him discovering that he can use a smartphone to project his bizarre musings on to unsuspecting audiences. And partly because we let him. Is it fair though?