The Pre-show Patriot and Other Humans of Movie Theatre


The Pre-show Patriot and Other Humans of Movie Theatre

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


t’s summertime and the weather ain’t fine,  but the arrival of the summer blockbuster is as inevitable as a millionaire tycoon defaulting on a hefty loan. While most of us are prepping for the Oscar season from the familiar comfort of our couches, watching the Academy Award-nominated films on Pirate Bay on our laptops, the summer blockbuster is an entirely different experience. This year calls for some Rowling time with Fantastic Beasts 2 and some Iron Man and Thor bromance with Avengers: Infinity War. These mega-productions demand a visit to the theatre to fully experience all the magic and the supernatural-ness in all its glory.

Unfortunately, your enjoyment of the surround-sound system, groundbreaking CGI, and immersive 3D is likely to be severely hampered by the presence of the worst-behaved creatures in Indian films. No, it’s not Ram Gopal Varma, it’s the moviegoer. Here are the MVPs of the squad that manages to ruin the theatre experience for you every time.