What Checking Your Phone Every 5 Minutes Means


What Checking Your Phone Every 5 Minutes Means

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


t is no longer as relevant where the sun rises or where you place the dining table, Vastu and Feng Shui now command that there be a plug point near the bed so that your phone can be accessed at any point of time, even when you’re asleep. Life may have run out of charge from the stress at work but the phone battery should always be full. God forbid you miss a notification at 3.17 am about Donald Trump’s latest racist tweet.

The phone must either be under the pillow, near the pillow, or at a desk nearby, but always within touching distance, like the relationship between the media and Taimur Ali Khan. If it’s in another room, you will have to get up. And walk. What if PM Modi calls at midnight and you miss the call?