#MeThoo: The Legend of India’s Spit Personalities


#MeThoo: The Legend of India’s Spit Personalities

Illustration: Akshita Monga


ong before women in America pioneered the #MeToo movement and made this world a scary place for men, Indians were busy painting the town red with the #MeThoo movement and making it scary for everyone regardless of their gender. Though I am not sure why you city-type sophisticates invariably turn up your noses and break a few long-jump records in the process of avoiding that projectile of spit coming your way. C’mon, open your arms wide, SRK-style, and let it land smack on your face.

This is the least you can do to pay homage to the spirit of the fearless Indian who can emit bodily fluids anywhere, anytime, in front of anyone while raising his middle finger at the world. And look at you! The last time you let out even a teeny-weeny fart in a packed cubicle, you were ready to combust with shame. You then proceeded to stare accusingly at some random backside to pin the blame. But not these Thook Stars. They own their bodily secretions like a boss, as they make a small O with their mouth, draw the filth from their core using extreme suction, and flaunt it with flourish on the outside world.