Why Ranveer Singh Gives Us Husband Goals


Why Ranveer Singh Gives Us Husband Goals

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


eepika Padukone is a lucky woman. Unlike other brides her expensive trousseau will not languish in her closet post the wedding ceremonies but will be recycled into an exciting wardrobe by her husband Ranveer Singh. I was struck by this epiphany while staring intently at the same six and a half pics being recycled again and again by all media houses as “never before seen pics of #DeepVeer wedding!!!” Since then, I can’t stop looking accusingly at my husband because I now know he is totally to blame for all my expensive silks and brocades not having seen sunlight in decades.

Ranveer has given me #HusbandGoals. He not only desires his wife but her garments as well. Why, that man won’t even leave the carpets and bedspreads alone! One minute he is eyeing a grimy jute shopping bag and the next minute it is on him as a waistcoat. Along with #HusbandGoals, he’s given me #UpcyclingGoals.