How to Annoy a “Madrasi”? Ask Them Why Chennai is So Hot


How to Annoy a “Madrasi”? Ask Them Why Chennai is So Hot

Illustration: Akshita Monga


o marketing executives everywhere who are trying desperately to come up with the next viral video, you should just ask me, a native “Madrasi”. Like millions around the world, I too saw that video from snowbound Minnesota last month, where the polar vortex caused boiling water to turn into a sheet of ice, mid-air, as soon as it was thrown into the freezing atmosphere. It left me so inspired.

I plan to throw a bunch of ice cubes in the air, right out of my balcony in sunny Chennai, and film them melting instantly, even turning to steam, before disappearing dramatically within seconds. This video is my new strategy to render speechless all my friends, especially those who stay in Bengaluru and Mumbai. With any luck, they’ll cancel their upcoming trips to my city, and spare me from hearing for the billionth time: