Mad Max, Funny Road: A World without Water


Mad Max, Funny Road: A World without Water

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


andya Ma’am was my favourite teacher in school. She always taught me to look at the bright side of everything. Upon the death of my dog she told me, “Look on the bright side Riddhi, you will not need to clean his shit anymore.” Fair point, I thought. I think it’s thanks to Mrs Pandya that I’ve learnt this art of unflinching positivity that makes me almost blind to all the negative shit happening around me.

My friend Divya came to office one morning gasping. “OMG Riddhi, did you see this? Bengaluru is second on the BBC list of cities that will run out of water in the coming years. The natural water bodies are dying and most of them are filled with our shit. The lakes are catching fire. Imagine, there will be severe water cuts and everything. The food prices will go up. We could die thirsty!”