How to Have a Lit AF Lohri Party


How to Have a Lit AF Lohri Party

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


t’s the time to Lohri. You’ve received enough reminders from WhatsApp groups that have been bombarding you with invites for “Traditional Nights with Twists” and culturally sensitive special offers that nod at your Punjabi roots, like “Order a 60 ml large and get a 90 ml Patiala”. Or through a childhood friend who has tagged every person you went to school with in a collage of passport-sized photos: “Happy Lohri to all my Skul de Yarz!!!”

If these folks have failed you, your music apps won’t. Repeated notifications from Guru Randhawa and his lookalikes will not fail to remind you that January 13 is a momentous occasion.