Person of the Week: Abu Azmi


Person of the Week: Abu Azmi

Illustration: Mandar Mhaskar


bu Azmi should write a book. This self-help guide, addressed to women, will detail rules on who they ought to meet, suitable time of day for such a meeting, appropriate dress, the dangers of listening to Beyoncé, and the right amount of alcohol it takes for it to be the woman’s fault that the guy molested her (zero point none per cent).

Abu Azmi has so much poor advice stored in his body, even his poop is patronising. As women in Bangalore brought in the new year with one tragic incident after another, Azmi escalated the situation by claiming such incidents are bound to happen since women equated fashion with fewer clothes. You’d think that by this point, a minion would have slunk up to Abu Azmi – who is the chief of the Samajwadi Party in Mumbai and an elected representative – and said, “Psst. Your misogyny is showing.”