11 years after Jab We Met, We Check On Geet and Aditya


11 years after Jab We Met, We Check On Geet and Aditya

Illustration: Akshita Monga


t’s been over a decade since Imtiaz Ali immortalised Ratlam station and the low-key creepiness of Indian railways on celluloid. Since its release 11 years ago, Jab We Met’s lead pair has gone on to become the epitome of quirky, opposites-attract romances. “How Geet Are You?” and “15 Signs You Need a Guy Like Aditya” have been plastered across timelines of teenage girls since 2007. But what ever happened to Geet and Aditya after JWM ended? We managed to grab a hold of their marriage counsellor, who, on the condition of anonymity, breached the confidentiality clause and spilled the beans on the couple’s life post the end credits. Be warned, it hasn’t been all “Mauja Hi Mauja”.

So doc, give us the goss. How’s Geet and Aditya’s marriage coming along?
Doc: See, marriage is hard. Once the big fat Punjabi wedding and kinky hotel- room sex run their course, things just don’t seem that exciting anymore. It becomes especially hard when your honeymoon was as big a let down as Geet and Aditya’s. A SOTC package tour to Europe with all of Geet’s 642 relatives obviously paled in comparison to the raw sexual tension they once shared on the lonely streets of Ratlam. It also didn’t help their cause that Geet’s family kept goading Aditya to sing at their family functions. “For the last time, I am the sole heir to a large business! Show some damn respect, chachaji,” Aditya often bemoaned. In my opinion, this was a cripplingly reclusive and formerly depressed urban man married to an annoyingly extrovert and formerly delusional small-town girl. They were doomed from the start.