What’s the Big Deal? IPL Was Always Virtual Reality


What’s the Big Deal? IPL Was Always Virtual Reality

Illustration: Palak Bansal/Arré


tar India has announced its plan to livestream the IPL in virtual reality and everyone in India is thinking the same thing – when exactly was the IPL “reality”? It has always felt like virtual reality. With the prevalence of spot-fixing, player shuffling, and team changes going on over the years, the IPL has had a better fictional script than a soppy soap opera on Zee TV. IPL matches are a lot like an Indian marriage: People get together, sing, dance, and have a huge celebration, and all of it is scripted and fixed.

It begins with the once-bombastic opening ceremony. From the Who’s Who of Bollywood in its inaugural years to the Who’s That nobodies of today, the IPL’s reputation has fallen faster than Bitcoin’s value. For the sponsors VIVO, VR is another pointless thing they can stick their name against. VR will allow the viewers to look away from the over-the-top performances, lights, and fireworks so they don’t get cancer of the eyes.
The 360-degree viewing angle could be a game-changer for “cricket enthusiasts”, who can now look at bookies in the stands and the players sneakily signalling from the dugout, all at the same time. Betting is serious business and the advancements in technology are only going to help the viewers get a very real and immersive experience of the cheating going on in the field.