Go India Go! Steal Silver to Win Gold


Go India Go! Steal Silver to Win Gold

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


hen Mamata Banerjee left for her London trip, she had no way of knowing that the journalists traveling in her retinue would be bringing international acclaim to India. Yet, when these journalists were caught pilfering silverware during an official dinner in Banerjee’s honour by CCTV cameras like a crew of slick-fingered shoplifters, that is exactly what happened. Of course, the culprits were caught, and no silverware was harmed in the making of this article, but the deed was done. India made its reputation on the global stage for badly behaved travellers and some very dubious journalists.

The fact that Indians are the best at behaving badly while travelling abroad is a fairly well-known thing. We might have a hard time keeping up with the medal counts of USA and China at the Olympics, but if giving locals a case of tourist-phobia was a sport we would be world champions.