Humans of Goa


Humans of Goa

Illustration: Akshita Monga


his is the Friday you may be taking off into that beautiful booze-and-vomit soaked land called Goa.There will be a curious hodgepodge of humanity contained within the pressurised, cramped confines of the budget airlines that you will fly: senior citizens with their grown-up children, college students, dude bros, honeymooners, neo-hippies, Instagram models, sleazy uncles, and a couple of out-of-place-looking men with briefcases, who look like side actors from the ’80s about to acquire Malhotra Industries.  In the coming week, these are the humans who will occupy Goa.

Humans of Goa is a species known for its abnormal behaviour change on arriving in its new territory. Apart from millennials, who’ve come here to to party like they’ve never partied before and to take Snapchats of themselves with John Lennon glasses and flowers in their hair, there are a host of interesting characters to be met.