Hey Tinder, Might as Well Tie-up with Shaadi.com


Hey Tinder, Might as Well Tie-up with Shaadi.com


f you thought Tinder was an app that could help you find casual sex partners, and prove on a large scale that you’re not as attractive as you once thought, boy are you wrong. According to a new ad, Tinder has revealed that it takes relationships as seriously as Bollywood mothers take pujas, and hints at the possibility that Tinder is more about finding your soulmate than someone to mate with.

The ad features an inquisitive mother taking great interest in her daughter’s love life and assuring her that she would “swipe right” on that (not creepy at all). In doing so, she gives her daughter permission to go forth and copulate. During this intensely stilted conversation is also a casual mention of the fact that the daughter will be back by “evening”, thus confirming to the mother that sex is most definitely off the table.