Namaste, Trick or Treat: Being Indian on Halloween


Namaste, Trick or Treat: Being Indian on Halloween

Illustration: Sushant Ahire/Arré


alloween, the festival that began as a pagan feast in honour of the winter solstice before devolving into an all-American celebration of Type II Diabetes, is now also part of India’s seemingly endless firmament of festivities. It has reached a point where invites fly, creatives are shared, and everyone frantically Googles “Halloween Costume Ideas” while on the pot or in a meeting. But as you’re figuring out how to pull off a worthy imitation of American tomfoolery dressed as a vampire or werewolf, how about you stop for a moment and think of all the uniquely original, Indian costume ideas ripe for the picking? And we mustn’t forget about our top-notch sanskar. Here are some special Indian themes to have yourself a desi Halloween.

Zor Se Bolo BKMJ