The Ultimate Defence of the Goa Trip Has Arrived


The Ultimate Defence of the Goa Trip Has Arrived


lcohol, Drugs, Bikinis, Parties. These are the red flags that fly in the mind of the Indian parent when one of their spawn mentions the G word: Goa. For these elderly folks, there isn’t a combination of two words they’ve heard that is more terrifying than “Goa trip”. For them, it’s basically a desi version of the Thailand trip which is code for “ladka bigad jaayega”. Getting permission for a Goa trip from your parents, requires more research and planning than getting a 2G licence under UPA II.

Goa is associated with danger, the same way noise is associated with Arnab Goswami. If you were to ask me, nothing is more dangerous than the obligatory Instagram picture of the hairy male legs on Baga beach with more hairy chests in the background, but that’s just me.  Everyone else seems to think that Goa is anyway the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the youth, India, and the universe. But thanks to the Plan India Report, you have now been handed a Brahmastra.