Game of Thrones to Become Kahaani Throne-Throne Ki


Game of Thrones to Become Kahaani Throne-Throne Ki

Illustration: Saachi Mehta/ Arré


t starts out with a perfect family, as it always does. They live in a gigantic palace in a field in north India. Nandu “Ned” Sharma, an honest businessman, is the patriarch of the family; his wife Kavita is quiet, but badass. Their three children have achieved von Trapp levels of obedience – except the adopted one, Joju “Jon” Barf, who is treated like shit because he’s adopted after all.

Then there are the Laxmans, modelled after the Lannisters, only eviler. The matriarch of the Laxman family, Simar “Cersei” Laxman, is married to the king of the 7 Shakhas, Rohan “Robert” Bharadwaj, a rotund man with a drinking problem. Simar is well-respected, and in some areas feared, but that’s because not too many people know that she’s in love with her brother Jugnoo “Jaime” Laxman.