The Fodder Scam Explained With Ice Cream


The Fodder Scam Explained With Ice Cream

Illustration: Shruti Yatam

f there is one scam that transcends generations, just like Undertaker in the WWE, it is the fodder scam. Your parents grew up talking about it, you grew up overhearing that conversation, and there’s a good chance your children will also be reading about it in scam-istry class. The ₹950-crore scam is termed as large-scale embezzlement of government treasury funds given to non-existent companies for purchase and supply of cattle fodder.

The terminology of the scam might be complex, but the idea and execution was simple as can be. It’s the winter, and it’s time for an ice-cream metaphor.

Let’s say there is a child named Lalu. Like most children his age, Lalu loves ice cream. But with the meagre pocket money of a seven-year old, there’s only those many sitaphal cones you can buy at Natural’s, especially in this economy. Mom is out, so he approaches his elder brother, who has access to the family piggy bank, for more money. But elder siblings can be assholes and there’s no reason for his brother to help him. Lalu needs to think harder.