Person of the Week: The Fairness-Cream Enabler


Person of the Week: The Fairness-Cream Enabler

Illustration: Shivali Devalkar


ast week, actor and all-round bombshell, Abhay Deol, called out celebrities who endorse fairness creams on social media, sparking what some are calling Bollywood’s “most intelligent debate”. Now while we might disagree with the overenthusiastic phrasing, it is indeed refreshing to see a prominent celebrity call out his peers for perpetuating a beauty and cultural stereotype.

The need for banning this wonder bleach is hardly a new talking point: Campaigns have been doing the rounds for years. But they have all met a similar fate, which starts with days of outrage and results in no actual action. Meanwhile, Garnier’s ad guys imagine themselves as modern-day Don Drapers, as they get increasingly creative with the copy on the bottle. “Throw in a John Abraham playing football or some other manly shit and we have product that sells, boys… *sparks cigar*”. Ergo, creams that can “cure” dark skin “instantly”.