Excel in the Spreadsheets: An Accountant’s Wet Dream


Excel in the Spreadsheets: An Accountant’s Wet Dream

Illustration: Juergen D


or the average mathematically challenged person Microsoft Excel is the stuff nightmares are made of. When we add MS Office as a skill set on our CVs, we tremble a little, hoping nobody asks us to prove it.

But the software that terrifies most of us, lights up the lives of others. Ask an accountant, and they’ll tell you that the answer to every problem in the universe lies in the assuring rows and columns of a spreadsheet. Whether it’s finding a bride for Salman Khan, figuring out the optimal volume to listen to Arnab, or calculating compound interest on a loan, there isn’t a query that cannot be solved if you use the right set of formulae and macros in those tiny cells. For them, Excel is not the boring nerd in class; it is Clark Kent with superpowers.