To All the Drunk Girls I’ve Met in Bathrooms Before


To All the Drunk Girls I’ve Met in Bathrooms Before

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


As an overworked millennial trying to make a living in Mumbai, life can get pretty unforgiving. Especially on days when creativity refuses to make an appearance despite feeding your brain endless cups of caffeine and taking several power naps. In this nihilistic world, where confidence and happiness are sold as exclusively as a Sabyasachi limited edition, it’s hard not to feel like the Bojack of your life.

But the silver lining to this phase is that you also become adept at hunting for the silver lining. For a lot of people, unwinding comes easy: A Netflix binge, reclaiming a childhood hobby, yelling at random strangers on the internet for not wearing the right shade of woke, or a nasty Sunday brunch. My confidence booster though? Drunk girls inside a pub bathroom. You see, there’s no one who can make you feel as dope about yourself as a drunk girl in that sweet spot between tipsy and all-out smashed.