Introducing the World’s Newest Power Couple: #DonJong


Introducing the World’s Newest Power Couple: #DonJong

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


he 12th of June will go down in history, along with the day when hell freezes over. This is the day golden shower enthusiast and architect of America’s downfall, Donald J Trump, had a sit down with the bipolar Pillsbury dough boy from Pyongyang, Kim Jong-un, to discuss the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula, which was recently voted “Most Likely to start World War 3” by Lonely Planet.

This historic meeting has given defence analysts, political pundits and policy watchers a huge hard-on because there’s something cute brewing here — Donald and Kim’s high-profile first date. As far as hashtags go for this power couple, there’s the usual, boring #TrumpKimSummit doing the rounds, but such a high-profile coupling deserves a hashtag that leaves KimYe and Brangelina in the dust. How about the ghetto sounding #Krump? Or the funky, oddly sexual sounding #DonJong? There’s also the uber cute sounding #Kidon, but considering this is also the name of Mossad’s international kill squad, we’d best drop this diplomatic clusterfuck like the hot potato it is.