Papa Tussi Pussycat


Papa Tussi Pussycat

Illustration: Akshita Monga


ack in 2011, a few Indian media companies had the genius to look at the British Royal wedding in 2011 and see the potential of turning it into a saas-bahu epic. I spent three hours in a hotel room in Patiala watching the same 10 minutes of Kate Middleton et al in wedding gear being spun magnificently into newer and bigger parabolas with every iteration. Would Kate go down the path of her “mari hui saas”, given her own tendency of wearing “chote kapde”? Would her zinda saas warn her against such profligate behaviour? Which saas did Kate consider her asli saas? You have to work hard to see mythological patterns in news events. Not so much for the two stories that have sent India in a tizzy over the last few days.

One, the Tatas dumping Cyrus Mistry and putting Ratan Tata back in charge. And the other of Mulayam Singh Yadav sticking with the old guard of the Samajwadi Party rather than son and Chief Minister Akhilesh. The patterns were so obviously there for all to see that everyone unanimously agrees that Akhilesh and Cyrus should get a drink together or at least get on a Whatsapp group called PapaGoHome to commiserate.