The Bakra of Bad Puns


The Bakra of Bad Puns

Illustration: Juergen Dsouza/ Arré


he sacking of Cyrus has come as a shock to all of us who have a deep understanding of the policies that govern big international businesses. Cyrus was, after all, touted as the man steering the Tatas into the next century. A job he was most qualified for, after his last stint as the co-host on MTV Loveline, where he sat next to Malaika Arora and answered phone calls from people seeking relationship advice. The callers mainly consisted of people whose life hadn’t worked out after following Dr Mahinder Watsa’s tips.

After failing to follow his own advice on Loveline, Cyrus lost Malaika to Arbaaz (the Aftab Shivdasani of siblings), and disappeared from the scene for a while to recover from the setback. He then made a comeback with a hidden camera and a bakra mask to take his career forward. But given the inherent dangers in a bakra prank, the dwindling Parsi community, already small enough to be able to fit themselves into a family WhatsApp group, asked “aapro Ratan” to offer Cyrus the relatively safe job of being the chairman of the Tata Group. However, it remains a big “mistry” as to how Cyrus changed his last name to Mistry.