Cyclone Ockhi, Meet Mumbai


Cyclone Ockhi, Meet Mumbai

Illustration: Palak Bansal


hether you’re using an iPhone, onePlus, or Samsung, chances are that you got a little weather notification about a cyclone warning while you were nursing a Satruday night hangover. After ravaging the Lakshadweep islands, Cyclone Ockhi is making its way to Maharashtra and Gujarat, and Mumbai is next in line.

Which really begs the question: Who in Mumbai has time to worry about a cyclone? This is a city that has that infamous, intangible, incalculable quality – spirit. And as we all know, the Mumbai “spirit” is responsible for overcoming riots, terrorist attacks, and floods. This same spirit is also convenient for politicians, because even if people die during a calamity, they can praise the city’s spirit, and soon enough things will go back to normal. As RR Patil infamously said, “bade bade shehron mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai.”