When Mom Finds Your Condom


When Mom Finds Your Condom

Wait… Did Pahlaj Nihalani recently ask for a transfer to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting? What else explains the government’s decision to announce that no condom advertisements would be permitted to air on television from 6 am to 10 pm? This can’t possibly be a bid to protect children from the corrupting influence of… well, it can’t be safe sex; so it must be something else.

We don’t need to be speak of condoms in hushed tones like a scandalised mommy discovering her responsible son’s choice of contraception for the first time. The I&B Ministry would come off as more conscious if it dropped the whole outraged parent act, and used its position to spread awareness about STDs and their prevention. Maybe this video will serve as the advisory Smriti Irani & Co seem to sorely need.


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