Comment of the Week: The Hijacking of Women’s Issues Edition


Comment of the Week: The Hijacking of Women’s Issues Edition

Illustration: Akshita Monga

It’s been a rough week over at Arré. A parody video we posted on the #NotAllMen phenomenon has predictably been subject to lots of incoherent yelling in the comments section, with everyone and his sexist uncle trying to get their opinion across. Don’t get us wrong – we love it when our fans voice their opinions and engage thoughtfully with our content! All 55-100 of you are the wind beneath our wings.

Sometimes, though, the intellectual discourse among our viewers and readers can get a little out of hand. #NotAllMen feel the need to defend their gender against perceived slights, but the ones behind a self-congratulatory video surely will.

We were criticised as unoriginal, uncreative, copyright-infringers. We were accused of ruining the entire content creation industry, a power we didn’t know we wielded. We received excellent advice on our “sales” by people who don’t seem to understand how digital media monetisation works. In short, it was a mess.

From this abyss of long-winded idiocy, a hero emerged. Dhriti of House Menon has been Arré’s staunchest and most eloquent defender this week, and we’d like to recognise her valiant efforts to quash the meninist uprising on the video.

Despite being told to calm down, shut up, and presumably to send nudes, Dhriti hit back strongly with impassioned, definition-based arguments. Her take on #NotAllMen hijacking conversations about women’s issues was turned into a debate on whether it’s a man’s world, proving both her point and Lewis’ Law. Unfazed, Dhriti addressed this by insisting that we should have faith in men. Are decent men so rare that we need to congratulate them for existing and infantilise them with videos? With the small but growing Indian #MeToo movement exposing a horrifying number of creeps, it’s easy to feel that way. Dhriti acknowledged the men who have stood behind brave, outspoken women not for any accolades, but because they care.

She also kindly validated our self-definition as the nerdy, left-of-cool media company that can be relied upon for scathing movie reviews and extremely sophisticated puns. Dhriti, we may never understand #NotAllMen, but you get us and we get you. We hope you’ll always be our bannerwoman. We look forward to reading your searing, educational long-form pieces in the comments section — the world needs them.