Comment of the Week: “Who Wrote This Abysmal Travesty?”


Comment of the Week: “Who Wrote This Abysmal Travesty?”

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


ou know things are pretty glum when a Facebook page dedicated to finding people employment, decides to leave comments on your post to the tune of, “Your writers are dumb” and “Fire the writer.” Yet, this was exactly the case when First Impression Jobs App decided to take our writers down a peg, instead of encouraging their users to turn their resume into 30-second elevator pitches.

As they say, one man’s treasure is another man’s trash. And so it was with the beautiful (if imagined) love story of a love-struck Shri Ram Sena Leader who falls in love with Internet Winking Sensation, Priya Varrier, that irked First Impression Jobs App. We’re known to publish satire that hits very close to the bone, and our writer might have been a little too convincing, prompting some to get on Google and fact-check whether this Ram Sena Romance was legit taking place.