Cobrapost Fails to Sting Salman Khan Over Paid Tweets; Bhai Says He Doesn’t Believe in Scripts


Cobrapost Fails to Sting Salman Khan Over Paid Tweets; Bhai Says He Doesn’t Believe in Scripts

Illustration: Ahmed Sikander

More than three dozen Bollywood celebrities fell into the traps of Cobrapost’s sting Operation Karaoke, but Salman Khan wasn’t one of them. For a monetary consideration, celebrities agreed to post messages in support of political parties ahead of the general election. However, Salman Khan, as always, has come out of the controversy with his reputation untarnished.

According to our sources, Bhai refused to entertain the Cobrapost journalist’s offer as soon as he heard that he has to follow a script that they will provide him with.

“I think it is laughable that the journalist even thought that Bhai would follow a script. Whether it is Twitter, commercials, films, flight announcements or even court, nobody tells Salman what to say or do,” said a director who has done a number of projects with Bhai. “Last time he followed a couple of scripts were for Yuvvraaj and Veer. We all know what happened to their box office collections.”

“That’s why I always say, Bhai, you are so good, you have such a massive fan following, always think about them and remain guarded. Aap dil mein aate hain, sabki samajh mein nahin,” said the director who is planning to release the superstar’s 3D posters which he thinks can collect 100 crores at the box office.

When approached for a comment, Salman’s father Salim Khan said, “Even when teachers in school would ask him to copy notes from the board, he only wrote what he wanted to. He removes his shirt at security checks at the immigration counters even when security doesn’t ask for it.”

The Cobrapost sting operation exposé has not been bad for every celebrity. “My family, friends or relatives did not give me any respect. They didn’t believe that I am still a celebrity who has a fan following. They would joke about how no one would recognise me when I went to buy vegetables. I was compared to Harman Baweja and Upen Patel. After yesterday, they have started respecting me again,” said one of the ‘exposed’ celebrities.

There are many other celebrities who are furious for not being approached. “Am I that bad? They have approached the likes of Rakhi Sawant, Poonam Pandey, Aman Verma, and Hiten Tejwani but not me? Even I am a one-hit wonder who has not been relevant for the last 20 years! I was ignored by Bigg Boss, and now even Cobrapost has ditched me,” said the son of a famous Bollywood producer.