Chashme Buddoor: How Spectacles Brought Sexy Back


Chashme Buddoor: How Spectacles Brought Sexy Back

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


used to enjoy watching Game of Thrones with my friends until they started calling me “the four-eyed raven”. My problem is not just that Bran is the most boring of the Stark siblings, but also the fact that I’ve lived my whole life being called weird names, just because I wear glasses. Still, “the four-eyed raven” is an upgrade from vintage classics like “battery” and “soda bottle”. As if being forced to look for the only thing that allows you to see every time you wake up wasn’t fun enough.

Yes, my friends, I’m spexy and I know it. Fellow spexy boys and girls know my pain: We need glasses to see the world, yet the world doesn’t see past our glasses. They might as well be a sign we hang on our faces that screams “NERD”. But in the year 2000, when Hrithik Roshan applied the brakes on his sports bike at a traffic signal in New Zealand, and looked at the camera to reveal his rimless, fiberglass, lightweight, spectacles in Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai, he gave hope to every chashmish that they could be fine AF despite their frames.