The Arré Checklist: How to Deal with CAT Result Day Stress


The Arré Checklist: How to Deal with CAT Result Day Stress

Illustration: Sushant Ahire

ny result day is fraught with its own level of stress and anxiety. If the pressure to do better than Dettol’s 99.9% score and beat the bazillion competitors vying for the one seat that will guarantee you a slow death in a cubicle were not enough, you also have to deal with the added pressure of expectations. From USA wale NRI uncle, who can’t put a pause on his gyaan, to the pesky neighbour itching to know your score, only so he can rub his cousin’s in your face. The tension can be cut with a knife. For all you CAT people, here’s a checklist to deal with result day stress.

Aaya kya?”

The day always begins with that one friend asking you if it’s result day. It might seem like a genuine question but he already knows it’s result day and the question sole purpose is to torture your soul. As result time edges closer, WhatsApp groups start buzzing with rumours and links start floating around. Some asshole decides to play a prank and declares that results are out, only for everyone to hurriedly scramble for their phones and find out that’s not the case (in the process, crashing the website). The sane strategy is to stay away from social media and trust the timings that have been previously declared. Factor in Indian Stretchable Time, obvs.