Are Cashless Wallets Making You Poor?


Are Cashless Wallets Making You Poor?

Illustration: Juergen D


very time you pay in cash, there is a certain heaviness in your heart as you feel the pain of a crisp note leaving your wallet. The rise in your blood pressure is directly proportional to a note’s denomination. Yet it is this annoying pain that keeps most of us solvent.

The wallet is like your own little piggy bank that you carry around all the time. You can only stuff it with limited amount of cash, which brings in a sense of vulnerability, knowing it won’t last forever. There is also the shameful guilt associated with spending ₹400 on a milkshake, or even worse, watching Baaghi 2 on a weeknight. Not only have you lost 20 per cent of your wallet cash in one go, you will also waste three hours of your life that you can never get back.